Sustainable, resilient and functional urban development focused on the citizens

Abílio Castro

Our designs have a clear sense of responsibility and focus on the welfare of the Human Being

In the New Cities Area, we help our clients to create highly functional and climate resilient urban environments where people and business can thrive.

By working with public or private entities or IFIs, we provide consulting, planning and design for either new cities built from the ground up or urban developments motivated by new transport hubs or tourism developments.

We combine robust, standard engineering solutions and state-of-the-art technology in order to promote better utilisation ratios, lower losses in supply infrastructures, lower energy consumption in lighting or water and wastewater treatment.

In the New City of Hassi Messaoud in Algeria, we have developed special water colection and treatment systems that will allow a population of 100,000 inhabitants to have access to water in an efficient and sustainable way.

In Dar Es Salam, in Tanzania, we have developed a rainwater sewage system at a regional level (1500km2) that will significantly reduce the historical floods in the region and allow the urban development of degraded areas.

Our holistic approach allows us to take into account different disciplines and the different stages of the urban life cycle: from construction, commissioning and growth to constant adaptation with a view to improving the living conditions of the populations and their prosperity.

Main Areas of Intervention:

Urban Planning

Sustainability Studies and Resilience
Infrastructures Against Extreme Events
or Climate Changes;




Traffic Studies

New Cities Infrastructures
Earthworks, Hydrological Studies, Access and Roads,
Energy Distribution Systems, Sewerage and Drainage
Systems, Sewerage Systems, Telecommunications
District Cooling.

Fields of Expertise

New city of Hassi Messaoud

New city of Hassi Messaoud

Sewerage System, Waste Water Treatment and Expansion of Existing Water Supply Network of Sumbe Town

Sewerage System, Waste Water Treatment and Expansion of Existing Water Supply Network of Sumbe Town

Sustainability studies and resilience

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City of Catete

City of Catete

Al beda Infrastructure Rehabilitation Project

Al beda Infrastructure Rehabilitation Project

New cities infrastructures

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Urban Planning

Sistemas de Saneamento

(tratamento, armazenagem e distribuição de água, condução e tratamento de efluentes)

Sistemas de Drenagem


District Cooling

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