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Kumasi Central Market

The new Kumasi Central Market is the largest market in West Africa and the project aims the restructuration and upgrading of the existing market, which is a large commercial, business and service center. Supported by a 250 Million Euros investment, the New Market will not only accommodate 8,500 tenants in a first phase, but also 10,500 tenants in a second phase; a third expansion phase is planned. The location and restrictions imposed by the architectural volume were considered with the use of Ashanti local culture symbols applied to the roof, with a large "wave" flowing along the longitudinal axis of the complex, aiming to respect culture, customs and traditions of Kumasi city.

The concept for this project follows an integration between the exterior and interior, proposing a covered complex, divided into two large commercial halls, which are interconnected by a large and humanized gallery along the longitudinal axis of the whole building. The central zone has a large square with wide ramps serving the main visitors' zone of circulation and interconnecting the several levels. The lower floor will be totally allocated for parking. Ground Floor will be primarily destinated for fruit, meat and fish zone and will have a food court area partially open. Floors 1 and 2 will have smaller stores serving all types of products.

The complex was designed to lead automobile flows with segmented exits, avoiding crossing flows and critical points in the road system. The market will also be endowed with social support areas such as medical, safety, sanitary and educational facilities, among other crucial needs, which can be used by shopkeepers and visitors.

From the structural point of view, the solution aims to accelerate irs construction speed, such as a metallic superstructure, composite floors and steel piles.

From the sustainability overview, energy-saving solutions were adopted: ventilation will be natural, taking advantage of the concept of a laterally open market (with lateral control, to prevent rainwater from entering, due to the high winds) and the preference for natural lighting over artificial lighting. The market will also have its own treatment plant for waste water management. Project financed by the United Kingdom Export Finance (UK EF).

Quadrante provided services associated with Foundations and Structures, Geotechnics, Hydraulic Infrastructures, Electrical and Telecommunication Installations, Security, Gas, Roads Infrastructures, Excavations and a Hydrological Study. The Project was developed in BIM in an integrated and coordinated manner.